“It’s not a technique, or a specific camera or an aperture setting…it’s much simpler than that. It’s a visceral connection to something I’m looking at through the lens – and with me, for the most part, that’s mother nature” - CB

With a renowned résumé spanning two+ decades,

Channing Benjamin is widely recognized as one of the preeminent visual artists in the world today. Channing’s golf industry work has received praise from the premier public and private courses in North America including Indiana’s Victoria National, to Colorado’s famed Ballyneal GC, to the legendary Pebble Beach Resorts and beyond. Channing’s artistry is considered by many of golf’s echelon to be the benchmark of course photography across the globe. With a uniquely authentic style and a plethora of expertly crafted tools, Channing’s ability to capture the true beauty of mother nature as well as course imagery is unparalleled.

As a past international live concert video and film director

for a myriad of top music artists, Channing uses a treasure trove of creative marketing skills and art direction to create the ultimate in visual asset productions. Channing is one of only a select few officially licensed photographers for the Pebble Beach Company and his work of the legendary course can be seen and purchased via numerous outlets.

Channing's portfolio has been internationally published

by Golf Digest Magazine (How to Take Great Golf Photos), Golf Magazine (2019 US Open Preview), PGA.com, Australia’s Caddie Magazine, G&E Magazine (Picture Perfect), NGF Quarterly, The Golfers Journal, Catalogue 18, and many more. More recently, Golfwrx.com, GolfGods of Australia, Wilfore’s Golf Social Media Guide, and others have all independently voted Channing as the number one social media “must follow” for golf photography. His imagery has been viewed, reviewed, and reposted by literally millions of followers and users and is amongst the most reposted golf photography on all of Instagram.

Channing is also an FAA-Part 107 certified drone pilot, which has allowed him to take his artistry to quite literally, an entirely new level.

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